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why join tallileo?

no more sifting through multiple apps. get all your finances under one-roof from insurances to loans, from expenses to savings, from credit cards to crypto. anything and everything.

gain financial independence. fast.

let's be real, we want our finances to be automated. but at the same time, we also want to learn about finance in general. people waste countless hours sifting through apps, net banking websites, excels, PDFs, and whatnot just to know where their money is and how can they put it to work. we have a different approach. we bring all your finance under one roof.


subscriptions, shared and chill.

no more hustling between multiple subscriptions. track and manage all your subscriptions along with your friends with which you shared them.

kartik and his three friends are all movie lovers. they like to see a movie every other day. so he bought a netflix subscription for himself and his friends and shared it with them. the monthly cost of the subscription is ₹800 which is shared among 4 people.

kartik manages this via tallileo. tallileo reminds all 4 persons of the subscription on the 1st of every month. kartik has set an automatic debit and tallileo pays netflix automatically. the amount is shared with 3 persons left and a total of ₹600 is credited to kartik's bank account automatically.


signup process that is delightful.

easily import your data using one of the many methods we provide. approve with RBI, import with existing app or bank statement. choice is yours.

ram signed up on tallileo. as soon as he enters his phone number he is greeted with a message asking to verify his PAN number linked with his phone number. as soon he verifies that he is asked for a permission to acquire his financial data from RBI, PFRDA, IRDAI, and SEBI.

if ram approves the request, within 30 minutes, tallileo aggregates all the financial data from all the financial organizations of india and tallileo loads data automatically without ram havingt to do anything. automation and integration at its best. get started within under 30 minutes.


savings, retirement, and dream buys.

save for your future using one or many of our savings feature. you can save for general savings, retirement, or emergency and also for your bucket list.

hardik is 35 and often wonders what happens in scenarios where he needs urgent money. or how much money will he be left with when he retires. this is where savings come in. what hardik is missing in life is a fair emergency and retirement funds for himself.

tallileo lets you save for your general savings, your emergency funds, your retirement funds, and even your dream buys. you can share it with your friends and family to maintain a single combined savings. the money is locked-in for a time period and this ensures you generate a decent return while your money us lying around.


ye dosti hum nahi todenge

spend on trips without having to worry about who owes who how much. and if you want track all your expenses related to an event using occasion mode.

aditi, anushka, virat, and vicky went on a trip together. they created an occasion for this on tallileo and start adding group expenses under that. whenever anyone of them adds an expenses, tallileo tracks it sending a notification to everyone of the updates.

when the trip is over they can see who owes who much. the best part if everyone will the adjusted data in their respective platforms. tallileo makes sure they enjoy their trip without having to worry about the finances.


finally, offers made only for you

offers from your favorite brands tailor made for you based on your financial data and behavior driven by the power of AI.

tallileo gathers your financial data and runs special algorithms that generates insights on your financial behavior. we use this data to generate brand offers that are curated for you and not any random ad which no serves purpose to you.

aryan spends almost close to ₹10,000 on swiggy monthly. and almost ₹6,000 on commute via uber. tallileo gathers this data while aryan is continuously tracking his expenses on tallileo. tallileo then generates unique offers specially tailor made for aryan that lets him save close to 5000 on these two monthly expenses. now that's ~30% savings just via tracking your finances